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R&B Jams



R&B Jams vol 1 
1. Mya feat Fabolous-"Hurry Up" (Main & Bonus Beats) 
2. Beyonce feat LL Cool J-"Sexuality" (Main and Bonus Beats)
1. Omarion (Formerly of B2K)-"Damm" (Main and Instrumental) 
2. Musiq feat Joe Budden-"Forthenight" (rmx) (Main and Instrumental)


R&B Jams vol 2
1. Usher-“Take Your Hand” (Main & Bonus Beats)
2. Lyfe-“Game Over” (Main & Instrumental)
1. K-Fox-“Haven’t You Heard” (Main)
2. Chevy Jones-“Wanna Be Your Lover” (Main)
3. Aaries-“Come Inside” (Main)


R&B Jams vol 3 
1. Tony Sunshine feat. Dirtbag and P. Diddy-“Oh My God” (Main & Instrumental)
2. Deja Rd feat. Red Café-“My Whole Life” (Main)
1. Majee-“Little Bit” (Main)
2. Faze feat. Busta Rhymes and Elephant Man-“Yipi Yadi Oh” (Main)
3. Thara feat. Stack Bundles-“You Want It” (Main)

R&B Jams vol 4 
1. Joe feat Freeway-“I Remember” (Main & Bonus Beats)
2. Sleepy Brown-“Mr. No Good” (Main & Bonus Beats)
1. Christina Milian-“Down For You” (Main)
2. New Edition-“Got It Like That” (Main)
3. Ray J feat. Lil Fizz-“Shat That” (Main)

R&B Jams vol 5
1. 3LW-“After This” –Main
2. Nivea feat. R. Kelly-“Gangsta Girl”-main
3. Nivea feat. R. Kelly-“Gangsta Girl”-Bonus Beats
1. Jagged Edge-“Shady Girl”-Main
2. ATL feat. Cassidy-“Shawty”-Main
3. Bobby Valentino-“Slow Down


R&B Jams Vol 6 
1. Brandy feat. Timberland-“Sirens” -Main(Unreleased track produced by Timberland)
2. Brandy-“Sirens”-Bonus Beats”-Bonus Beats
3. Truth Hurts feat WC-“Ready Now” (rmx)-Main
1. Nicole Wray feat Peedi Crakk-“Thug Style”-Main
2. Lloyd feat Lil Wayne-“Trance”-Main
3. Lloyd-“Hey Young Girl”-Main

R&B Jams Vol 7
1. Syleena Johnson feat Common-“Bullseye” rmx – Main
2. Brandy feat Usher-“Who Is She 2 U” (rmx)- Main (Produced by Timberland)
3. Brandy feat Usher-“Who Is She 2 U” (rmx)- Bonus Beats
1. Christiana Milian feat Ludacris-“You Never” – Main (produced by JD)
2. Mis-Teeq-“Home Tonight” (feat Joe) – Main
3. Denim-“I Should Have Listened” -Main


R&B Jams Vol 8 
1. R. Kelly-Red Carpet-Main
2. R. Kelly-Red Carpet-Instrumental
3. Boyz II Men feat. MC Lyte-“What You Won’t Do For Love”-Main
1. Trini-“Turn Me On”-Original version-Main
2. Trini-“Turn Me On”-Dancehall Mix-Main
3. Brian Harvey feat. Wyclef-“Ole Ole Ole”-Main

R&B Jams vol 13 
1. 112-“Let This Go’-Main
2. 112-“Let This Go”-Bonus Beats
3. Khaliyah-“Movin Too Fast”-Main
1. Rupee-“Steamroller”-Main
2. Mariah Carey feat. Nelly-“Tonight”-Main (produced by The Neptunes)
3. Marques Houston-“I Like That”-Main

R&B Jams vol 14
1. Alicia Keys feat. Jadakiss-“Karma” (Rmx)-Main
2. Mashonda feat. The Game-“Back Of The Club” (Rmx)-Main
3. Mashonda feat. The Game-“Back Of The Club” (Rmx)-Instrumental
1. J-Lo/Usher – “Get Right / Ride” Mash Up – Main
2. Amerie feat. Skillz-“One Thing” (Rmx)-Main
3. Tre Willimas feat. Styles P-“I-95” - Main

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