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Miami Bass Classics

ALL MIAMI BASS CLASSICS RECORDS $33                                                     All prices in australian dollars

Miami Bass Classics 03 
I`ve Gotta Be Tough - MC Shy D.
Welcome 2 The Bass Plan - Maggotron
Something 2 Dance 2 - N. W. A.
Sally That Girl - Gucci Crew ll
Dial A Freak - Uncle Jams Army


Miami Bass Classics 06 
Bust This - MC Shy D.
Supersonic - J. J. Fad
Defcon - Impact
Smurf Rock - Gigolo Tony
Computer Power Newcleus


Miami Bass Classics 07 
Dream Team Is In The House - L.A. Dream Team
Square Dance Rap - Sir Mix A Lot
Feel The Bass - Dynamix ll
Rodney O. & Joe Cooley Supercuts
Move Somethin` - 2 Live Crew


Miami Bass Classics 08 
Shake It - Anquette
Throw The D. - 2 Live Crew
Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose - Chilla Frauste
Rock The Planet - The Megatrons
Juice - The World Class Wreckin` Cru

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