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Freestyle Classics


Freestyle Classics - v.1 
Best of TKA!

TKA - Scars of Love.
TKA - Maria.
TKA - Tears May Fall.
TKA - Come And Get My Love.

Freestyle Classics - v.2 

Noel - Silent Morning.
Concept of One ft Noel - The Question.
Coro - Where Are You Tonite?
Coro - Cant Let You Go.

Freestyle Classics - v.3 

Cover Girls - Show Me.
Cover Girls - Because of You.
Johnny O / Cynthia - Dreamboy / Dreamgirl.
Cynthia - Change on Me.

Freestyle Classics - v.4

Corina - Temptation.
Lisette Melendez - Together Forever.
Stevie B - Spring Love.
George Lamond - Bad of The Heart. 

Freestyle Classics - v.5 

Nice N Wild - Diamond Girl.
Johnny O - Fantasy Girl.
Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music.
Lil Suzy - Take Me in Your Arms.



Freestyle Classics - v.6  
Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - I Wonder if I Take You Home.
Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - Can You Feel The Beat.
Soave - Crying Over You.
Two Without Hats - Try Yaz (Esa Loca).



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